Thursday, June 21, 2007

"Last Leg"

Medium: Graphite on Sketchpad
Size: 4 5/8" Tall x 13 7/8" Wide

This is a sketch for a future painting. The two protagonists are fleeing pursuers and have paused in a final copse of trees to view the moonlit, grassy plains that stretch between them and the safety of the castle's woods in the distance.

This sketch was too big for the scanner, so I did my best stitching it together.


Jack Snider said...

Very beautiful landscape sketch Mike! Really nice antiquated pen and ink looking line work. This is the sort of thing I don't do enough of. (I have some strange landscapes that I'm waiting to post though.)

Michael Mason said...

Thanks Jack, I really like working in pencil that way...a habit I got into while slaving in Scott's basement. I am not sure where I picked that up from though.

Thanks for posting your comments.

Looking forward to your landscapes!

Anthony Carpenter said...

Another terrific composition, Mike.
It has the feel of an etching.

That looks to be a mighty dangerous expanse to have to traverse. I don't envy the little fellows.

Do they make it?

Michael Mason said...

Yep, its pretty wide open..a good spot for tension in the story as they have to make the long run with enemies not far behind.

For some reason I like large expansive landscape type shots which tend to minimize the critters...not sure why that is.

I guess it gives me a feeling of grand scale. I love movies that do the same thing - Lord of the Rings, Ben Hur, Spartacus etc.