Thursday, June 21, 2007

Arts and Crafts sketch

Medium: Graphite on Sketchpad

Often I am doodling away and I'll throw a figure down and then I just start adding stuff around it..suddenly there is a complete picture. I freehanded this so perspectives and right angles are pretty bad, but it's really fun to just ad-lib a picture out of nothing with no preplanning. I may go back later and make the figure's hand larger. The Arts and Crafts movement is my favorite artistic movement.


Jack Snider said...

Nice. I don't think the head's too small. Sometimes the best drawings happen when we don't get in the way.
Arts and Crafts style fits you. Your very much in the Romantic tradition. (Which is great!) I'm not sure where I fit anymore. I'm all over the place.

Anthony Carpenter said...

You're a square peg in a round hole on a rectangular board near a circular window, Jack. T'aint nuthin' wrong with that.

As for you, Mr. Mason, you are clearly the illegitimate son of Chuck Vess, Barry Windsor-Smith and Mike Kaluta. This drawing proves it.

No doubt!

Michael Mason said...

LoL thanks you guys...I wish Vess, Windsor-Smith and Kaluta would have passed on some more of their genius, but I'll take what I can get =)

Urit said...

Great work.